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Monday, 19 March 2012

We're On the Move - Blogging's on the Back Seat

Regular readers of my blog will know that blogging means a lot to me, but it is going to be on the  back seat for a few months, as we are on the move. 

Countryside around Earlston (Summer 2011)

Life at the moment is taken up with cleaning, chucking, boxing, bagging, packing, and trying to declutter 40 years of married life.

Everything has happened very quickly but in late April we are moving 25 miles north to Earlston, a large village  in Berwickshire,  to be near our daughter and family. 

We currently live in Hawick where it is very unusual  if you do not have a hill to contend with.  We are at the top of a long steep  hill, with  steps up to the house and with a large terraced garden - a great place at one time, but not now when we both are coping with arthritic knees! 

Old Bridge at Earlston, built 1737 (Jan 2012)
 So a small bungalow with a  small garden in Earlston is very appealing, and we are looking forward to this new stage in our life and seeing more of our little granddaughter.  It ticks all our boxes - except the fact we will need to get broadband installed, which we hope won't take too long  - and then I will be back blogging.  So keep an eye on this space!

Leader Water at Earlston (Summer 2011)


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  1. I hope the move is going well and you're not overwhelmed by the move...lots of sorting after 40 years in one place. I'm sure you'll be thrilled once it's all done and dusted to be closer to family. Happy packing. Talk soon.


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