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Friday, 6 January 2012

162 years of Shopping - Shopping Saturday

Do you enjoy, like me,  looking at fashions and lifestyles from the past ? 

The history of shopping is portrayed  on a new website http://www.housefraserarchive.ac.uk/.  
This collection of rare pictures, posters, advertisements,  and catalogues relates to the drapery store that opened in Glasgow in 1849  and evolved into Scotland's most famous department store chain - the House of Fraser,  that would later come to encompass the iconic Harrods of London.

Find out what a lady of leisure was wearing in 1859,  or browse advertisements for household appliances such as an auto vacuum freezer for making ice cream (1924). 

Described as a "treasure trove for armchair historians", the 162 years journey through changing fashions is a result of research through the House of Fraser archives, held at Glasgow University. 

The Archive is an outstanding source for the history of British design, fashion, tastes, lifestyles, consumerism and consumption from the early nineteenth to the end of the twentieth century. 

Do take a look! 

1 comment:

  1. Sue
    Thanks for the link. I enjoyed looking at the fashions.

    The Military List Kit from 1891 caught my eye. It includes tent furniture - a chest of drawers, table and bed and washstand, for officers doing training. Amazing.

    I have memories of Binns In Newcastle upon Tyne, (buying fabric there) and vague memories of Army and Navy Stores.


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