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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What a Magnificent Hat!

Isn't this hat magnificent?  This is the wedding photograph of George Butler and Sarah Alice Oldham who married in Blackpool, Lancashire in 1910. 

Sarah was the aunt of my mother's second cousin Elsie Oldham.   Sarah's husband George worked for the Oldham family coal merchant business.  

I was very grateful that Elsie's son Stuart has let me see his large collection of family photographs of the Oldham family.   I hope to use them in future blog postings - so watch this space.

For more photographs and stories of the Oldham family, see:
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  1. Hat and bouquet both magnificent. Wow!

  2. Handsome couple. Can't wait to see your future posts and pictures.

  3. I love these 1901 fashions -makes it so easy to date an unknown photo. I think she looks very glamorous.


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