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Friday, 2 September 2011

New Season - New Look Blog

Here in Scotland it is very clear from the weather that we have moved into Autumn, and I thought it time to freshen up my blog with a change of colours.  

So the pink "summer flowers" look has evolved  into "autumn tints" to reflect the new season. 

Autumn is my favourite season and I love the colours of, brown, bronze, burgundy, green and gold.  Is this anything to do with the fact I was a "September" baby - as were my grandmother, mother, aunt, two uncles and husband?   [See the posting  Birthdays and Battlefields]. 

As a brunette these colours were staples in my wardrobe, and also feature  in our home decoration. 

I hope other bloggers find the new look appealing. 


  1. Autumn colors are my favorites - they remind me of crisp weather and the start of the school year, and I supposedly have "autumn coloring" (= clothes in autumn colors look best n me).

  2. Here in the north central part of America, summer is waning and while we still have vistas of green there are the signs of autumn where a few of the soft maples are all ready turning red. Autumn is my favorite season of the year and I loved your sharing the photo. Thank you!

  3. Susan D., Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! It is appreciated.
    Here in Missouri, we've been in the mid-90s 'forever' it seems; yesterday, temp dropped 20 degrees into the mid-70s, and again today and into the new week. How wonderful. Enjoy autumn. We sure will! ;-) Like your new colors and look! ;-)


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