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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Birthdays & Battles Remembered - Sentimental Sunday

Alice Danson (nee English) with Edith, Kathleen (my mother), Harry & Baby Billy, c.1916
 All born in September

The month of September was an eventful month for my family.

2 September 1907 - My aunt,  Edith Danson  was born.

8 September 1908 - My mother, Kathleed Danson was born.

15 September 1912  - My uncle, Harry Rawcliffe Danson was born.

16 September 1916 - My great uncle George (right)  was killed on the Somme.  

16 September 1916 - My husband's great uncle, Frederick Donaldson was also killed that day on the  Somme.

23 September  1884 - My grandmother Alice Danson,( nee English) was born.

23 September 1915 - My uncle, Billy Danson was born.

23 September 1943 - I celebrate my birthday.

26 September 1937 - My husband,  Neil was born.

George Danson's Grave in the  Guards' Cemetery, Les Boeufs, France  

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