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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Scribbles in the Danson Bible

This is a page from the Danson Family Bible.  Henry Danson (1767-1839) was my great great grandfather who married Elizabeth Brown,  with his son, also  Henry (1806-1881) my great great grandfather, also marrying an Elizabeth (Calvert) - I know it gets confusing!   They lived in Carleton, near Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire.

My knowledge of the Bible came to light through one of my best contacts made through the Internet ever internet contacts, with a direct Danson descendant, who had in her possession the family bible and copied me these page of scrawled writing.   

The  page (left) headed January 4 1827 “Be good to the poor”
features, among the  signatures, Henry Danson (senior) , Elizabeth Danson (his wife)  and James Danson (son);  also an entry “January 1st 1827 James Danson, Sone of Henry Danson” – which must mark the death of Henry’s youngest son at the age of 15.   Another entry that can be deciphered is for “Elen (?) Simpson Borne 29 October 1811”

Another page (right)  also features signatures scrawled all ways - ones that can be deciphered are    Henry Danson, Trap, Elizabeth Danson,  Ellen Danson, Carleton, Peter Danson, Ellie Simpson, Carleton, Trap, Servant, 1830.

Trap Farm was where Henry Danson (junior) was living in the 1841 and 1851 censuses, so this record shows the family to be there a previous generation.   Ellen and Peter were siblings of Henry (junior).  The fact that servant Ellie Simpson  was also included in the activity and signed her name,  somehow casts  a lovely light on the household - though the fact they used the Bible for these scribbles  raises other issues !     

Sole entry on another page (below)  reads “January 4 1827 Henry Danson Son of Henry Danson Born 25 of July 1806”.  This entry was dated just after the death of Henry' s brother James, so is there a signficance in this?

The frontispiece of the Bible (below) refers to "Elizabeth Hodgson Departed this life January 13th 1779 Aged 24.  So far I have been uinable to trace any family connection wtih this name

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