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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

"Why Blog?" - More Thoughts: Motivation Monday

I was away on holiday and was sorry to miss Susan Peteren's "Open Discussion Weekend: Blogging - What's in it For You?" posted on  http://longlostrelatives-smp.blogspot.com/.  The topic appealed to mean and prompted me to  add my own thoughts here.

First of all some background - why did I start blogging last  August?
I had thought for some time I would like to  set up a family history website, to make my research more widely known and hopefully to make contact with distant relatives. But  I lacked the technical ability, short of taking an expensive  course.  Then  in "Women & Home"  magazine, I came across an article on blogging and was immediately struck "This is for me".  

I ticked all the boxes -  I have long had an interest in journalism, and have written staff newsletters, press releases  and tourist guides as part of my work.  Blogging gave me an opportunity to create my own magazine/newsletter and feature my collection of old family photographs.  The style of writing short articles greatly appealed to me.  I also had the time (just) to write regularly and I had a subject that I was passionate about.  I was able to cope with the Blogger technology and  so Family History Fun was born.   

 Susan's top three motiviators were important to me:
  • To document research journey and discoveries.
  • To share information with other family members?   (Unfortunately there are not many in my small family who either have a computer or are sufficiently interested to sign up).
  • Hope that distant cousins will discover the blog and contact you.  (Again I was not too optimistic here, as my family names have evoked little response  on message boards etc.
Not applicable:
  • To provide a form for family members
  • To promote a genalogy based business
  • To plan and pormote a family reunion
  • To earn extra income through affiliate links
  • To write scholarly articles about genealogy or history
But top of my list was Susan's 6th reason  - To connect with other genealogists .
I  have not been disappointed, once I was pointed in the  direction of Geneabloggers.    My aim initially was to write once a week, but "the bug" grabbed me and I am usually above this target.  I thought I would soon run out of personal material, but have enjoyed taking up the challenge of the stimulating blog prompts - not just the regular daily topics, but also the special themes, such as Fearless Females and 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy, which I find great motivators  in sharing memories.  Keep these coming !

The Blogging Network is giving me:
  • Tremendous personal pleasure in a new hobby.
  • The opportunity to think back on my childhood and (British reticence here) for the first time articulate what my parents meant to me e.g. in the tributes posted under Sentimental Sunday.
  • Ideas and inspiration for both blog content and presentation
  • Pointers with the weekly blogging reviews  to other sites and articles
  • Practical tips, such as  maximising  search engine impact.  
  • Pointers to "best practice" in researching and writing family history
  • A platform for not only sharing memories, but also views in discussions such as this.
  • Recognition for my contributions  - would I continue without the benefit of the comments and blog statistics?   I wonder? -  It is a great motivator to know that people are reading my blog.
  • I also have great  sympathy with the comment that "blogging provides an outlet for my passion" - rather than bore family members who are no more than mildly interested!


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  1. Glad to read about your inspiration for blogging, Susan!


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