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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

William Danson - A Lancashire "Scot" in Flanders?

This photograph (left)  of my grandfather William Danson of Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire  was in the family shoebox collection of memorabilia, and intrigued me when I first saw it as a child.  There was no Scottish connection that I knew of on my mother's side, so why was Grandad wearing a kilt?

The story was that in the camaraderie of war, he became friendly with some Scottish soldiers, and as a laugh he had dressed up in one of their kilts and had his photograph taken to send home.  

In his regular uniform, he is the soldier arrowed on the right,  a member of the  King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.  He won the Military Medal at the Battle of Paschendaele.


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  1. What a great story and a wonderful tribute!

  2. Darren Kellett10 July 2012 at 21:07

    My Great GrandFather died in the battle of Passchendaele on 24th September 1917 and was also from Poulton and was in the Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment (7th Battalion). I'm sure they would have known each other as he lived on Burlington Ave (now the Teanlowe Centre) in the centre of Poulton, he was only 3 years older than your GrandFather and was in the same Regiment. I would love to talk to you about this as I really want to find out more about him. I have traced where he is buried in Belgium and visited his grave a few times. I would love to see any old photo's of Poulton you might have too. Sorry, I'm rambling, but I get excited when I find things that could give me information about my hero Private 24489 Thomas Kellett
    Kind regards.
    Darren Kellett


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