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Friday, 23 May 2014

Military Memories 24: Postcards from Flanders

Today's theme - Communication


Alice with Edith, Kathleen,
Harry & baby Billy c.1916
Postcards from Flanders, sent by my grandfather William Danson to his family back home, are the most prized items in my collection of family memorabilia and have featured before on my blog.  They  were kept in a shoebox in the cupboard by the fire in my grandfather's house and it was a treat as a child to be allowed to look through them.  They are made more poignant by the penciled messages from William to his wife Alice and children Edith, Kathleen, Harry and baby Billy - left. 

Grandad was a taciturn labourer, He never spoke about the war and would never have put into words the sentiments expressed (in French) in the cards he sent to his wife Alice.


Dear Alice, received your letter allright.  I have landed back at the Butt and am in the pink.  I have had a letter from Jennie and am glad you have word of Tom.  You loving husband, Billy xxx.  [7 February 1918]


Below, a postcard to my mother, Kathleen.    The postmark is September 2nd 1917, and her 9th birthdqy was on September 8th.  Written in feint pencil, it is a rather  difficult to deciphe. 

A postcard sent to my Aunt Edith 

Dear Edith, I am sending you a card and hope you like it.  I am allright.  Look after mother and baby.    From your Dad. 

 A card sent to baby Billy Danson from "His loving Dad". 

William had joined the King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment and was awarded the Military Medal for "conspicuous gallantry and determined devotion to duty in action at Givency on 9th April 1918".

 William and Alice, c.1916

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  1. Gorgeous postcards - what treasures they are.

  2. Susan,

    These are lovely postcards, and it's great that they have survived.

    I looked at the postcard to your mother, and I think the message is:

    Dear Kathleen I am sending you a card and hope you like it & are well and hope mother and baby is the same.
    From your Dad


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