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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Memories of Pets - Life's A Journey

Helen at http://saveeverystep.wordpress.com/lifes-a-journey-series/ urges us to share our memories from milestones in our life. This week's theme -  Pets, with a tribute to our much loved cockeer spaniels Beauty, Colleen and Cass.

Our daughter was 5 years old and Crufts Dog Championships Show was on television - how could we resist that combination. The result by the summer was that Beauty a golden cocker spaniel became part of the family. 


It was a sad time when we lost Beauty at the age of nine, and we said we would not go through that again. Bur surreptiously we were all looking at adverts in the local papers, and within a month we had Colleen - a 2 year old gentle blue roan cocker

Colleen died suddenty at seven years old at a time when there were other stresses in the family. We could not imagine family life without a dog and that had to be a cocker spaniel.
So within a few months we had puppy Casmir (Cass) - an orange roan cocker - she had such a distinctive colouring, she became well known around our small town and lived to the grand age of 13.

Casmir (Cass)
I always felt that if Cass starred in a Disney cartoon, she would be the Princess.   Judge for yourself here!

[Based on an earlier posting in the 2011  series 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy]

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  1. What gorgeous doggies!So glad to see you getting all nostalgic, and remembering these lovely pets. Thanks for joining in! Tomorrow's Linky is all about old boyfriends if you feel like bringing a skeleton or two out of the closet!!?

  2. What gorgeous dogs and so clearly loved and part of your lives. When our pets leave us it's so sad, but only because we've shared so much love over the years we've been with us. Worth the pain for the memories I think.


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