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Friday, 15 July 2011

31 Weeks of Better Genealogy Blogging: Week 2 - Making Lists Work for You

Tonia Kendrick, over at Tonia’s Roots has started a blogging series entitled ‘31 Weeks of Better Genealogy Blogging’.
It’s Week 2 and the challenge is "To Make Lists Work for You"

Here is my list which aims to give a brief summary of my direct ancestors. 
I also hope it acts as a taster and encourages readers to explore more of the blog stories on my Danson ancestors.


1.  My mother Kathleen Danson (1908-1999), second daughter of William Danson and Alice English, was born at Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, a small historic town, almost dwarfed by its neighbour the popular seaside resort of Blackpool.  Danson is a distinctive local name.  I loved history from an early age and it was a treat to be allowed to look at the shoebox of old photographs and memorabilia at my grandfather's house. 
2.  Grandfather William Danson (1885-1963) was the fifth, out of ten, sons of James Danson and Maria Rawcliffe.  Like four of his brothers, he fought in the First World War and he  sent home embroidered postcards which form part of my family treasures.  I have early memories of visiting the great uncles and my only great aunt Jennie. Having their photographs brought them alive to me and they have formed the basis of many     earlier postings on this blog.

3. Great Grandfather James Danson  (1852-1906) - his marriage to Maria Rawcliffe  was recorded in the family bible  and also the birth of his first four sons - entries petered out after that,  with the further 7 children not listed. James died before my mother and aunt were born so they were unable to help me with earlier family history memories.  James was regarded as the black sheep of the family and the only photograph I have  shows him larking around in the stocks in Poulton Market Square.

4.  Great Great Grandfather Henry Danson (1806-1881) was a yeoman farmer of Trap Farm, Carleton, (right)  home to  a large family of eleven and two servants  in 1851.   The 1871 census showed  a change of occupation from farmer to toll keeper at Shard Bridge over the River Wyre near Fleetwood.  Henry married Elizabeth Calvert and they had 9 chidlren and 37 known grandchildren.

5.  Great Great Great Grandfather  Henry Danson (1767-1839)  married Elizabeth Brown and they had seven children, three of whom predeceased their father, with eldest son John being charged in 1810  with fathering a "said bastard child" and sentenced to pay  maintenance.  Lancashire Record Office also provided copies of both a marriage bond and a will showing Henry's signature.

6.  Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather John Danson (1736-1821) married Margaret Fayle and they both proved long living.  John's will has lovely touches  such as leaving his daughter Jennet "my corner cupboard now standing in the parlour of my house and my meal chest in the room above the same". 

John was the son of Peter, a husbandman - but  there the Danson trail comes to an end with the proverbial brick wall reached.

To find out more, look at the individual postings on my blog 
under the Label - Danson Family

St. Chad's Church, Poulton-le-Fylde where Dansons were baptised, married and buried.
A spring  photograph taken by my uncle Harry Danson.

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  1. Another great post! I love the way you included images for each list item. That really breaks up the text and draws the reader in. The photo of the church is fabulous, btw.


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