Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 1 - A Tree with Memories

It would not be Christmas without a Christmas tree.  We did start off married life with the real thing - but I had enough of trying to get  pine needles off the carpet, so we went onto an artificial tree - traditional style  - no modern, minimalist designer trees in our home!

Reading some of the house-style magazines, some people focus on colour themes such as silver & blue, or red & gold etc. for their Christmas Trees.

For our family the Christmas Tree is one of happy memories.

In the past it featured my young daughter's home-made decorations - who can forget the bells made from egg cartons covered in baking foil?

Now the Christmas tree signifies our interests - we have collected items whenever we have been on holiday abroad - mainly Austria and Bavaria, but also Bruges, Prague and Poland -  stockings, hearts and bells abounding.

Reflecting our other pastimes are miniature musical instruments and cross stitch items.


Discovering the decorations again when we get the boxes down from the loft is pleasure in itself . Our tree is quite small but looking at it every year, brings back memories of happy times.  

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Adapted from a posting in December 2011, but I  hope it will be of interest to my newer readers.

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  1. I think we'd enjoy each other's trees Susan, with the similarity of decorations.


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