Thursday, 19 January 2012

The School Portrait - Life's A Journey Series

Helen at urges us to share our memories from milestones in our life.   This week's theme   - The School Portrait. 

This is the earliest photograph I have from  my school days in the 1950's when I attended Devonshire Road School, Blackpool, Lancashire.  I am on the second front row, second from the right, next to the boy in the  striped pullover. 

I counted a class of 46 - double today's standard for class size!   We sat in seried rows of individual desks and I remember chanting our times tables, copying handwriting,  the hated mental arithmatic sessions and of course reading which I loved.

The fashion and hair styles here  were so typical of the day - the girls with plaits, pudding basin haircuts, side slides or fancy top ribbons.

There was not a strict uniform at my primary school, but I was desperate to wear a gymslip and tie.   My mother did not like them, but eventually I got one handed down from my cousin and wore  the school red and navy striped tie and the red girdle round my waist, feeling I had stepped out of one of the school stories I loved to read.

We didn't seem to get  individual portraits at my secondary school (girls only)  but I remember two occasions when the whole school (about 500  of us I think) gathered on the playing fields for a massive group photograph.  The first year pupils sat cross legged on the grass, with the staff in their academic gowns seated  on chairs, and the rest of the school grouped behind, either standing or  balanced on gym forms.  The result was a large rolled photograph in a scroll box.  Unfortunately I did not see fit to keep these and threw them out when I was having a major sort-out, prior to getting married.   

 A great pity!


  1. susan
    Great Photos and memories!

  2. What were you thinking Susan! Fancy throwing those out! Perhaps an old school mate or even the school might have a copy that could be scanned. I like the modern ones now where all the kids are listed and the whole thing laminated. I can't imagine not wearing a uniform...I wore one every day for 13 school years. Thanks for sharing these stories

  3. Great article,Great Photos and memories!Thank you sharing this kind of information.

  4. You look so shy and very very pretty! I was trying to get my son to write the names of his classmates on his school photo - not interested. Sad really, as he'll regret it in a few years time!


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