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Friday, 13 May 2022

Seated Out-of-Doors: Sepia Saturday

This week's Sepia Saturday photographic prompt is a rather vague shot of some people sitting on a park bench.   Cue  for  images of family & friends,  and people at leisure or at work - all seated out-of-doors with many on benches. 

On the left, wearing the cloche hat is my husband's Great Aunt Pat, beside her daughter Annette - with unknown friends. Judging by the fashions and the age of Annette,  it  was most likely  taken in the late 1920's  on the beach at Margate in Kent,  where the family lived. 

 A photograph from the collection of my great aunt Jennie Danson.  Unfortunately it is not identified, but seems to date by the fashions to the late 1920s.  But why do they all look so glum

My parents, seated on a rock, c,1937,  with Mum (Kathleen Danson) on the left and Dad (John Weston) on the right  - plus an unidentified friend.

 A photograph from my local heritage group Auld Earlston in the Scottish Borders - here an early image of Earlston Bowling Club founded in 1882 - and still gong strong today. 

 Earlston women munition workers in the Second World War.  
Around 950,000 British women worked in munitions factories during the Second World War, making weapons like shells and bullets. Munitions work was often well-paid, but involved long hours - two shifts working seven days.  Workers were also at serious risk from accidents with dangerous machinery or when working with high explosive material. Some munitions workers handled toxic chemicals every day. Those who handled sulphur were nicknamed ‘Canary Girls’, because their skin and hair turned yellow from contact with the chemical. [Source: My Learning.Org ]
On the Bench In More Recent Times 
I have have shown this photograph before, but it fits the prompt so well.  It was was taken in 1961 of my mother (second left) out with a group  of friends on an outing.  My mother would be in her 50s but the clothes now seem so old fashioned with three of the women wearing hats and clutching  their handbags - a far cry from today's casual style for  all ages.

1965 - Dad and I taken shortly before I headed off for a year working in the USA.  Just look at those winkle picker shoes!
1977 - with my daughter, all dressed in blue!
1980s with my parents - and our pet cocker spaniel. 

1998 - a lovely family group of three generations, taken after my brother's (second) wedding - and yes he did wear that red shirt for the occasion. Dad in the middle, with my niece and daughter seated.
And finally - I began with  sitting in deckchairs on the beach - and will finish with sitting on a donkey! 

 Daughter  (in the middle) enjoying a donkey ride on Blackpool beach. This was taken in Blackpool in the school  October half term holiday, so not exactly summery. c.1980. 

Sepia Saturday give bloggers an opportunity 
to share their family history through photographs  
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  1. Good matches to the prompt! Your Mom looks so fashionable in the 1961 photo of her with three friends - all dressed in coats and hats. He coat must have been the stare of fashion at the time. Very attractive.

  2. Not anonymous! La Nightingail. :) This is a new system. I'll have to learn how to use it. :)))

  3. They're all fun photo, but I think the one on the donkey is my favorite.

  4. Interesting mix of photos. I think the donkey photo is my favourite too :)

  5. I'd like to be different and vote for brother in red shirt for second wedding. Women wearing red or green blazers are also pretty stunning! You sure have a lot of people posed on benches! The glum looking crowd may have been slightly put aback by the person demanding to take their group photo. Maybe they were in the midst of private conversations and then Mr./Miss somebody said, everyone over here for a group photo!

  6. Your selections certainly capture the essence of our theme photo. Though I like the donkey snap, it's the munition workers in their uniforms that stands out to me, mainly because they look so cheerful despite (or because of) wearing a rather silly fashion. I wonder if any saved their costume for posterity.

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments,


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