Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hair Days - Sharing Memories

Lorine McGinnis Schulze at http://olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com/p/sharing-memories.html has begun a new series of Sharing Memories with Week 2 - Hair

Pigtails to Ponytails characterised my look as a child, complete with kirby grips and ribbons.   On village gala days and on special occasions, my hair was wound into rags overnight  to hopefully create ringlets - which soon fell out.  
By my early teens my hair was long.  It was washed and rinsed in rain water - my mother's idea of a beauty treatment -  and it took ages to dry in front of the fire. 

Around the age of 15,  Mum suggested I get my hair cut professionally   - great - except we were both clueless afterwards how to style it at home,  and here I am being brave in highlighting publicly  this dreadful passport photograph, taken when I was to go on a school trip to Germany. This was the 1960's era of the Cold War and  I look  like the archetypal Russian spy.   

After five years, you could get a passport photograph updated,  and I could not wait to do this -  only to be further mortified when, instead of replacing the photograph,  the new one was just stuck beneath - to more family hilarity and more quizzical looks from passport control. 

By the late 1960's,  I had succumbed to using rollers and was aiming for the "beehive" look - not too successfully. I then moved on to perms for my fine, limp, locks.

 By the late 1980's grey hairs were beginning to creep in.   I recall one New Year's Day when we were due to go out in the evening.  I used a home colour shampoo to disguise the grey - but left it on too long and the result was rather too much  red.  The shampoo packet said it would run out after 6 washes, so I washed it about 6 times that day - to very little effect

We were now at the time  on TV of Dallas, Dynasty and Charlie's Angels,  with big hair and shoulder pads all the rage - hence this rare look for me taken for a work Annual Report.  Less glamorously, I was also likened to Deidre Barlow of "Coronation Street" soap opera fame.  The big specs did it!   This style involved too much like hard work.

 I am now pleased to see natural styles are back in vogue which suits my age and rural life style!

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  1. I like your natural style too..so much less bother than curlers and hour to dry. My grandmother (Scottish) was a big fan of washingnhair in rainwater too.

  2. You're a girl after my own heart - our silver halos are remarkably similar.

  3. I first saw this post on google reader as I scrolled down through posts. When I'm scrolling I hardly pay attention to blog titles and usually just look at post titles and images. Your first photos appeared and I wondered who it was, a blogger I knew or was the blogger posting images of a family member? I read, I scrolled, I looked at photos, but I couldn't tell who it was until I got to the bottom of the post with your last photo. What a fun tour. I always enjoy looking at photos of a person presented in chronological sequence. I think it's fun to see the changes time and age bring.


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