Sunday, 17 July 2011

Stop Press! A Rant against Women Suffragettes - 14th July 1910:

I like  browsing through old newspapers at my local archive centre, as they feature such fascinating gems of information.    I could not resist sharing this  article found in the “Southern  Reporter” of July 14th 1910.  It can  only be described as a rant against women suffragettes and was definitely the highlight of my day.

“No women who respects her privileges , her beauty, and her duty in this world supports women’s suffrage”.   Womon demand the rights of citizenship but the responsibilities of citizenship are shirked by her, If a woman is to get political power she must relinquish her claims on social deference. Man is the stronger being and women the feebler……..[Suffragettes] are women who make the poorest of wives.  That is to say they have no interest in the home… they could not or would not , out of sheer pride,  darn your socks or fry you a kipper herring for your breakfast”.

I love that last bit about darning his socks and making  his breakfast

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