Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A Shivering Bridesmaid, Dec 1946

I am the shivering little bridesmaid (left) at the wedding of my uncle Charles Weston and his bride Vera in December 1946.  The dresses were apparently a dusky pink colour  and my mother  used to relate what a difficult time she had hunting for matching shoes in post- war austerity Britain.

For my uncle (right) it was a happy day,  as only  a year earlier he had returned from time as a Japanese prisoner of war, labouring on the infamous Bridge over the River Kwai.

My mother is the elegant woman standing behind me, with
my father on her right.

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  1. how great that you have these photos and the story of your uncle is just a heart breaker. I so glad they got to have their happy day.

  2. Many thanks, Jennie, for such a lovely sensitive comment.


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